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             The Armenian Heritage Park

            Walking Route

10.14    Canadian News Media

            Geometry as Public Art

10.10    Armenian Weekly

            Armenian Heritage Park Inspires

            Public Art: Telling A Story

09.23    Armenian Mirror Spectator

            Geometry as Public Art

09.15    North End Regional Review

            Armenian Heritage Park 

06.25    Boston Globe

             You Deserve a Break

06.11    Armenian Mirror-Specator 

            Boston Pops at the Park

06.05    Boston Magazine

            Gardens in Boston

O5.13   Armenian Mirror-Spectator

            Programs in Person

05.12    Armenian Weekly

            Summertime In Person

04.22    Armenian Mirror-Spectator

            Never Again

04.19    The Boston Globe

             Picking Up the Pieces

04.15    Armenian Mirror-Spectator:

             Abstract Sculpture Reconfigures

04.13    Armenian Weekly

            Annual Reconfiguration

03.30    The Boston Globe

            The VIP Lounge

03.27    The Boston Globe

             Where walking in circles is healthy

03.20    Armenian Mirror-Specator:

             Leaders Share Their Experience 

03.18.   Armenian Weekly

             Celebrating Leadership

02.16    Armenian Weekly:


02.12    Armenian Mirror-Spectator:

            Virtual Public Programs



12.16     Only in Your State

              Walking the Labyrinth

12.15    Newsbreak

            Walk a Calming


11.12    Harvard Magazine

            Urban Adventure Quest

10.12 City of Boston

            Celebrates Native American

10.10    Patch. Virtual Culinary Event

 09.13   Boston Sunday Globe

            Lena Tashjian featured during

            Celebrating What Unites Us.

 09.03   Armenian Mirror-Spectator

          Armenian Heritage Park:

            Staying Connected

 09.03   Armenian Weekly

            Armenian Heritage Park

            Coming Together

 07.15    Family Destination Guide

            Fun Things to Do 


            Greenway Fitness Classes

 07.07   Boston Globe  Venture into 

            a Labyrinth: Find Yourself


            Friday & Saturday 

 06.24   Boston Globe. Greenway Parks 


 06.08   Kim Foley MacKinnon

            Secret Boston

 06.04   Armenian Mirror-Spectator

            Celebrating What Unites Us!

 06.01  Boston Central: Things to Do

           in Boston Guide

 05.30  Boston Globe Magazine

           Heritage Online Cooking Class


            Celebrating What Unites Us: At Home

 03.14  Armenian Weekly: New Series,

           Celebrating What Unites Us

 03.06  The Enterprise: Celebrating What

           Unites Us! Cooking with Oldways


           Annual Reconfiguration April 19

 02.15   Berkshire Edge

             REFLECTIONS: Haunted by a will


12.10    Boston Globe

            Coming Together

12.10    Armenian Weekly

            Heritage Park Guides

           Community in Labyrinth Walk


           Candlelit Labyrinth Walk

           Provides Festive Illumination

11.18   Boston Sunday Globe:

           Hello, winter solstice:

           Candlelit Labyrinth Walk

9.26     Armenian Mirror-Spectator

           Making Immigration Great Again

           A Tribute to Afeyan

9.03     Armenian Weekly

           Armenian Heritage Park Gala 

           Honors Dr. Noubar Afeyan

8.29     Mirror-Spectator

           Park Gala Benefit Celebrates

           Immigrants' Contributions


           Celebrating What Unites

           Us! Somalia


            A Bit of Magic Under the

           August Moon


           Welcoming Space

8.08     Mirror--Spectator: Coming

            Together on Common Ground


           Celebrating What Unites Us


            World Labyrinth Day

4.28     Boston Globe 

           Magazine On A Stroll

4.24     Armenian Weekly

            Boston Commemorates

4.18     Armenian Mirror-Spectator

           Meaningful Public Art


4.15     Boston Globe

            For the Record

4.10    NorthEndWaterfront

          Celebrate Public Art!

4.09     NorthEndWaterfront


4.08     Boston Globe In Tribute to 


3.31     NorthEndWaterfront Annual


3.25     Mirror-Spectator Year of Activities

1.15    Thank you!


Mirror-Spectator Incarceration

and Injustice Addressed

Mirror-Spectator Living Piece of Art

NorthEndWaterfront Boston

Celebrates Immigrants 

Improper Bostonian Walk It Off

Curbed Boston Hidden Gems

Art New England Art Seen

NorthEndWaterfront Tea & Tranquility

NorthEndWaterfront World Labyrinth

Day Reception for 2018 Configuration

NorthEndWaterfront Fifth Annual Walk

Against Genocide

Mirror-Spectator Coming Together on

Common Ground 

Boston Globe Places to find peace

and quiet


Improper Bostonian Lighten Up

METRO Things to Do
Mirror-SpectatorT ops Off Year
Reception for New Citizens In Appreciation
Improper Bostonian Party Time

Mirror-Spectator Heritage Park Fundraiser

Weekly Let's Party! Benefit for Heritage Park Sculpture re-arranged, again

NorthEndWaterfront Annual Reconfiguration

Boston Magazine Shape-Shifting Greenway Sculpture

Boston Magazine Video: Shape Shifting Sculpture         

Metal Architecture Geometric Reconfigurations


Boston Globe Peace Walk brings people together

METRO Boston continues holiday tradition

NorthEndWaterfront Candlelit Labyrinth Peace Walk

Wellesley Townsman Peace Walk

Boston Globe Harry Belafonte address human rights

Boston Herald Tracked down: Harry Belafonte

Mirror-Spectator Community Extends 

Warm Welcome to New US Citizens

Hollister Staffing Boston Community Gathered to Walk Labyrinth

Mirror-Spectator Chefs Party Celebrates Heritage Park

Boston Globe What to Know about the Greenway labyrinth

ArtWeek Boston Experience Public Art! Abstract Sculpture: Annual Facelif Annual Reconfiguration

Wanderlust Americana In the heart of the city is a 

fantastic and creative little park...

Weekly Chefs Party for Our Park! Benefit 

Boston Globe Public Art that feels alive

Boston Globe Magazine New Views

Boston Globe Boston to-do list

Weekly A Living Legacy & Tribute 


Boston Globe Najarian Lecture on Human Right

Garden Club Sunday Afternoon at the Park!

Boston Globe From a labyrinth walk to wild run

MassisPost: Armenian Heritage Park Sculpture 

Featured in Haypost Issued Five Stamps

Improper Bostonian Chefs Party

Boston Globe Whirl of Public Art on the Greenway.

Mirror-Spectator/Weekly Chefs Party:Thank you!   Commemoration Vigi

The Improper Bostonian Chefs Party for Our Park!  

Mirror-Spectator Armenian Heritage Park's Sculpture Reconfigured Split Dodecahedron Configure


The Landscape Architect's Guide to Boston: Armenian Heritage Park

Webster Bank Team Building in Boston at Armenian Heritage Park

Chronicle WCVB TV5 Heritage Park video 

Boston Elderly Commission Visits Armenian Heritage Park video

North End  Eliot School 4th Graders 

Visit Armenian Heritage Park  Armenian Heritage Park to participate 

in World Labyrinth Day Dodecahedron Sculpture Reconfigured 

Boston Globe  Development Legacy Highlights of Mayor's terms in office

Wellesley Weston Magazine.Exploring the Path of Life.

Winter 2012/2013 page 11


Boston Globe On the Greenway, public art that feels alive. 2015

ArchitectureBoston.The shifting landscape of public remembrance. 2012


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