Endowed Funds

Endowed Funds support programs at the Park as well as the Lecture on Human Rights at Faneuil Hall.

To date, the endowed funds support:

Annual Reconfiguration of the Abstract Sculpture

Supported by the Charles G. and Doreen Bilezikian Endowed Fund


In early Spring, the Abstract Sculpture, the twelve-sided split rhomboid dodecahedron, is annually reconfigured to commemorate the immigrant experience. 


A crane lifts and pulls apart the two halves of the split dodecahedron, made of steel and aluminum, to create a new sculptural shape.

Care and Maintenance of the Park, year round
Supported by the generosity of many donors, presently being endowed.  

Najarian Lecture on Human Rights at Faneuil Hall

Supported by the K. George and Carolann S. Najarian, M.D. Endowed Fund

Public Programs at the Park

Supported by the Anna and Noubar Afeyan Endowed Fund

For information on establishing a named endowed fund, please email us.

Emily Hagopian Photo:

Welcome Reception for New Citizens, their Families & Friends

following the Naturalization Ceremony at Faneuil Hall 

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