Exciting initiatives, sparked by the Park's design features, are offered in partnership and collaboration.

Geometry as Public Art: Telling A Story

Curriculum: The three part curriculum, piloted and developed in partnership with The Eliot K-8 Innovation School, Boston Public Schools, sparks awareness of geometry as the creative expression of ideas and thoughts and

engages students to share their own, their families’ or their ancestors’ immigrant experience.  For further information, please email us.


Program at the Park: The program sparks awareness of geometry as creative expression and celebrates what unites and connects us by sharing the immigrant experience, coming together on common ground. For corporations, organizations, schools, agencies and youth groups, the program's duration is 30-45 minutes depending on the composition, size of the group. To schedule a visit, please email us.

"Public art is the way we express ourselves as a community 

— it’s the way we tell our story."

 Karin Goodfellow, Director, Public Art, City of Boston

Celebrating What Unites Us! 

The monthly series is offered in collaboration with the City of Boston Office of

Health & Human Services to celebrate the immigrant experience and promote health and active living while building community and cross-cultural understanding.


Labyrinth Walking Wellness series, part of The Greenway Fitness program

The monthly series is offered by leading experts to improve one health and well-being.

For dates and times of programs, please visit Events. 

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