Labyrinth Walking

The Labyrinth at Armenian Heritage Park celebrates life's journey. A single path leading to

the center, the same path leading out.

At the center, a single jet of water, represents hope and rebirth. 

Etched around its circle, the words - Art, Science, Service, Commerce - in tribute to contributions made to life and culture


Peter Vanderwarker photo 2012

For many, walking the labyrinth is a time for reflection and clarity, and to quiet the mind. 

Prepare: Take a moment to relax, take a deep breath.

Walking to the center: Focus your mind on a thought or image, or clear and quiet your mind

At the center: Relax and reflect.

Walking out: Re-focus your mind on the same thought or image, or simply relax.

During the year, leading experts introduce the benefits to walking the labyrinth and mindful meditation to improve one's health and well-being.

2021 Labyrinth Walking Wellness series. Announcement

Katrina Piehler, CWC, LMT and Kristin Asadourian, MSW, co-facilitators

March 3, 2021 Labyrinth Walking:The Power, Health Benefits

with Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH Benson-Henry Institute of Mind Body Medicine, MGH with 

Armineh Mirzabegian, MD. Welcome:  Maura Koutoujian, PCC, CPHWC.  Recording

Park Photo. Greenway. Tighter. Vanderwar