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About Armenian Heritage Park

Just imagine*:  “We are now standing at the edge of an extraordinary little park. Here at mid-day, walking the labyrinth at the park’s center has attracted both North End residents and visitors from Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Some are thoughtfully following its meandering path while a number of children are skipping around the path toward the water jet at its center. Some, shedding their flip-flops, are splashing about with squeals of delight. In contrast, many dressed for downtown’s business have settled on a bench with brown bag lunch, clearly enjoying the activity before them.”

*  A reader's response to The Big Dig's Payoff - It's Easy to Imagine the Greenway in 10 years. By Thomas C. Palmer Jr. 

Boston Sunday Globe Magazine, May 24, 2007 


Armenian Heritage Park, a gift to the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from Armenian-Americans, is located between Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Christopher Columbus Park on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, Boston.

Consistent with key themes of the Greenway, to acknowledge the history of Boston as a port of entry for immigrants worldwide worldwide, Armenian Heritage Park celebrates those who have migrated to the Massachusetts' shores, contributing to the richness of American life and culture.


Designed to engage children and adults, the Park consists of two key features surrounded by seating, brick paving and landscaping.

Abstract Sculpture, a split dodecahedron, to commemorate the immigrant experience. Annually, the Sculpture is reconfigured symbolic of all who were pulled apart from their country of origin and came to these Massachusetts shores, establishing themselves in new and different ways. The Sculpture sits atop a Reflecting Pool; its waters wash over its sides and re-emerge as a single jet of water at the Labyrinth's center. The Sculpture is dedicated to lives lost during the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 and all genocides that followed.  

Labyrinth, a circular winding path paved in granite and set in lawn, celebrates life's journey. A single jet of water mark its center. Art, Service, Science and Commerce are etched around its circle in tribute to accomplishments and contributions made to American life and culture.

Armenian Heritage Park and its endowment with funds for ongoing care and maintenance, and public programs have been funded by the generous support of individuals and organizations. The Park and its endowment are key initiative of the Armenian Heritage Foundation, comprised of representatives from thirty-seven Armenian-American churches and organizations within Massachusetts. Armenian Heritage Park has been constructed at no expense to the taxpayer, and will be cared for and maintained in perpetuity.

"We are delighted that the labyrinth is such an integral part. The ancient pattern of the labyrinth has crossed time, cultures and religions throughout history and has become a universal metaphor of peace, harmony, contemplation and healing. It is an imaginative and creative device for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to engage one another. The inclusion of the  labyrinth invites all expressions of faith and culture, and ethnicity to walk the path of diverse community together. It quite literally circumscribes common ground for all to walk! The lessons are deep, but very obvious with every step we take: We are all on this path together. We may not walk at the same pace, and often we may feel like we are going in different directions, sometimes in step with each other, sometimes alone. But ultimately all of us are on the same path, and that path offers us all opportunities for reconciliation and wholeness and hope...".- Rev. Kathleen Musser and Tricia Kibbe, New England Labyrinth Guild