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In the News

06.24.17   In Appreciation
06.19.17   Improper Bostonian  
Party Time

06.17.17   Mirror-Spectator Heritage Park Fundraiser
                  Brings Together Eating Well, Doing Good

05.10.17   Weekly Let's Party! Benefit for Heritage Park

04.19.17 Sculpture re-arranged...again

04.18.17   Abstract Sculpture: Annual Reconfiguration at
                  Armenian Heritage Park

04.15.17   Boston Magazine
Shape-Shifting Greenway Sculpture
                  Video: Shape Shifting Sculpture at Heritage
                  Park on The Greenway

03.28.17   Metal Architecture Geometric Reconfigurations

12.28.16   Wellesley Townsman Peace Walk

12.19.16   Boston Globe Peace Walk brings people together 
                  in the holiday spirit

                  labyrinth peace walk

12.01.16 Third Annual Candlelit 
                  Labyrinth Peace Walk

11.16.16   Mirror-Spectator Belafonte Hits the Right Notes

11.15.16   Thank You Reception. Armenian Heritage Park VIDEO

11.11.16   WGBH Open Studio with Jared Bowen
                  Interview with Harry Belafonte

11.07.16   Boston Globe Harry Belafonte address human rights 

11.04.16   Boston Herald Tracked down: Harry Belafonte

10.22.16   Mirror-Spectator Community Extends 
                  Warm Welcome to New US Citizens at Heritage Park

09.28.16   Hollister Staffing Boston Community Gathered t
                  Walk Labyrinth

09.08.16   Mirror-Spectator Armenian Heritage Park 
                  Activities Kick-Off This Fall

06.01.16    Weekly Chefs Party Spirit Spills Out
05.26.16   Mirror-Spectator Chefs Party Celebrates 
                  Heritage Park

05.20.16   Chefs Party for Our Park! Thank you! Photos

04.29.16   Boston Globe What to Know about the 
                  Greenway labyrinth
04.28.16   Weekly  Heritage Park May 7 Events 
                  Featured During ArtWeek Boston
04.16.16   ArtWeek Boston Experience Public Art!
04.12.16 Abstract Sculpture: Annual Facelift

04.11.16 Annual Reconfiguration 
                  of the Abstract Sculpture

03.26.16   Wanderlust Americana In the heart of the city is a 
                  fantastic and creative little park...

                  for the Park's Ongoing Care

12.21.15   Boston Globe Armenian Heritage Park Peace Walk 
                  Provides Time to Reflect

                  Labyrinth Peace Walk

12.21.15 Candlelit Labyrinth Peace 
                  Walk Celebrates Winter Solstice

11.19.15    ArmenianWeekly/Mirror-Spectator  Foundation
                  Embarks on Final Campaign's Phase for Park's Care

11.06.15   Armenian Mirror-Spectator Lecture Commemorates 
                  US Armenophile Movement, Calls for Change in US
                  Middle East Policy
10.16.15   Boston Business Journal Out of the Office. 
                  Labyrinth Walk

10.10.15   Naturalization Ceremony following by New Citizens 
                  Welcome Reception. video

10.03.15 New Citizens Welcome 

10.01.15   Weekly/Mirror-Spectator Honoring America's Call 
                  tAction  Najarian Lecture on Human Rights

09.25.15   Armenian Mirror Spectator Armenian Weekly.
                  New Citizens Welcome Reception
09.20.15   Video: Sunday Afternoon at the Park 

09.20.15   Armenian Weekly/Mirror-Spectator
                  SundayAfternoon at the Park 

04.24.15 Genocide Commemoration

04.12.15  Matt Conti's photos 
                  Celebrating the 2015 Abstract Sculpture
04.11.15   Boston Globe Public Art that feels alive

04.05.15   Boston Globe Magazine New Views

12.14.14   Boston Globe Boston to-do list

11.29.14   Boston Globe Marked Lanes

11.20.14   Armenian Weekly A Living Legacy & Tribute 


10.11.14   Armenian Mirror-Spectator Park & Party!

10.10.14   Armenian Weekly Najarian Lecture on Human Rights 
10.03.14   Boston Globe Najarian Lecture on Human Rights

09.12.14   The Garden Club Sunday Afternoon at the Park!

08.18.14   Boston Globe From a labyrinth walk to wild runs

08.14.14   MassisPost: Armenian Heritage Park Sculpture 
                  Featured in Haypost Issued Five Stamps
08.06.14   Improper Bostonian. Dana Bisbee's Proper 
                  Bostonians Chefs Party

06.25.14   Boston Globe Whirl of Public Art on the Greenway.

06.14.14   Mirror-Spectator/Weekly Chefs Party:Thank you!

06.12.14   Weekly Chefs Night Cooks Up a Storm

06.07.14   Mirror-Spectator/Weekly Chefs Party Thank You

05.29.14   Mirror-Spectator Heritage Park Raises Funds

05.07.14 Chefs Party for Our Park!

04.26.14 Matt Conti Photos: 
                  Commemoration Vigil

04.23.14   The Garden Club Chefs Party for Our Park

04.10.14   Belmont Citizen-Herald.Armenian Heritage Park - 
                  Celebrating Heritage

03.29.14   The Improper Bostonian Chefs Party for Our Park!

03.27.14   Mirror-Spectator Armenian Heritage Park's 
                  Sculpture Reconfigured for 2014

03.24.14 Split Dodecahedron 
                  Configured for 2014 

2014         The Landscape Architect's Guide to Boston: 
                  Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway

10.30.13   Mirror-Spectator Najarian Human Rights Lecture 
                  Sheds Light on Human Trafficking Epidemic 

09.30.13   Weekly/Mirror-Spectator 2013 Najarian 
                  Lecture on Human Rights

                  at Armenian Heritage Park
09.03.13   Chronicle WCVB TV5 Armenian Heritage Park  video   

08.24.13   Boston Globe David L. Ryan photo

07.18.13   Mirror-Spectator/Weekly 
                  Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway
                  Commemorates, Contributes to the Entire City
06.20.13   Boston Elderly Commission Visits Armenian 
                 Heritage Park video

06.18.13  Downtown View

05.26.13   North End  Eliot School 4th Graders 
                 Visit Armenian Heritage Park

05.04.13  Walk as One on 
                 World Labyrinth Day

04.29.13  Armenian Heritage Park to participate 
                  in World Labyrinth Day

04.14.13 Picture Puzzle. 
                  Labyrinth Fountain Abstract Sculpture

04.13.13 Dodecahedron Sculpture 

03.29.13   Boston Globe  Development Legacy - 

12.10.12   Wellesley Weston Magazine.Exploring the Path 
                  of Life. Winter 2012/2013 page 114

11.04.12   Houston Chronicle  Ambassador Djerejian 

11.02.12   Boston Globe Editorial New England's 
                  heroic human rights defender  

11.01. 12  Mirror-Spectator  Former Ambassador 
                  Djerejian. Human Rights Lecture    
10.12.12   BostonZest Greenway Labyrinth Has Peaceful 
                  Place Potential

Fall 2012   Architecture Boston, Forget Me Not.Jane Whitehead. 
                  Boston Society of Architects.

08.14.12   Boston Globe  Labyrinth Walks

07.17.12  Armenian Heritage Park Hosts 
                  Series of Early Morning Walks

07.06.12   TAB Newspapers  Bring Your Children to the Park

06.04.12   North End  Walk the Labyrinth

05.31.12   Belmont Citizen-Herald  Armenian Heritage Park on 
                  Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Dedicated

05.24.12   Greenway;Armenian Heritage Park Opens

                  President, Armenian Heritage Foundation

05.26.12   Mirror-Spectator  Heritage Park Dedicated

05.23.12 Heritage Park Dedication 
                  Celebrating A New Community Park on the Greenway

05.22.12   Boston Globe Heritage Park opens on Greenway

11.22.11   Weekly  Park Hits Fenway Homer

11.05.11   Mirror-Spectator  
Rusesabagina Brings 
                  Message oJustice from Rwanda

10.28.11   Mirror-Spectator  Fenway Park Setting 
                  for Park Bash

10.23.11  Human Rights 
                  Lecture with Paul Rusesabagina

10.22.11   Boston Globe  Rwanda activist visits Boston

10.07.11   Mirror-Spectator  
Cornerstone of Boston

03.19.11  Barletta Heavy Division 
                  Named Contractor 

03.18.11   Weekly / Mirror-Spectator  Barletta Heavy Division 
                  Contractor for Armenian Heritage Park 

02.11.11   Yerevan Magazine  Armenian Heritage Park

10.02.10   Armenian Mirror-Spectator  Kerry Kennedy Inspires, 
09.22.10   Boston Globe  Speak Up for others

09.11.10   Armenian Weekly  Testimony to the Past and
                  Future: Ceremonial Ground Breaking

09.10.10   Boston Herald Blessings for the Greenway

06.06.10   Boston Globe Design for Tribute, Gratitude